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Sunday, July 26, 2009

மோசமான நாட்கள்

Really going thru the bad phase in my life time . Facing problem in my life is not new in my life time . My life would be called as perfect example of what is called as Roller cooaster life .Ever since 1998 , there is been stuggle for things in my life .First of all it was for my ug degree . I couldn't join any of enginnering colleges inspite of scoring a very decent marks [1038] { Ofcourse i had a bad mark in entrance exam } .Then the struggle for getting in to arts college where my good marks in 12th exam stood as a barrier .Then some how i joined American college with great difficulty .At the end of ug life , the struggle to join pg course started . I attended some 8 college entrance exam for MCA entrance and could clear any of these .thanks to my family gene desire for maths . I have to satisfy myself with DLP program .

Once that completed , struggle for first job started .Jobs hunt at bangalore was not good enoght to get my first job .Only after 9 months only i recieved my first salary in my life thry ycs . I have to admit though the salary was very samll amount, those where golorious days in my life time . A 9 to 5 :30 work and daily visit to spencer plaza , will be good things to remember there .

Then for want of more money i joined scope during Sep 06 . Again life was so good here till April 2007 - then for nothing reason i threw away my job in searching for more and more money .Result i was again jobless for 2 months and attended some 20+ interviews at that time and finally luck was in my favour - got an offer at accenture .Life was back to his best . Though the salary that i got in Accenture is less when compared to Scope , i was enjoying more myself at Accenture till OCt, 2008

Finally the dec 24, 08 was my last day at accenture .Life turend upside down with a days .Life is never going to be same for me after this incident .Just i was thinking i have settled down in life and getting ready for next stage in my life , came the biggest blow and also i don't have the courage or age to face the problem now .

These 7 so far painful months , already changed my character ,took away all my good deeds,happiness etc and injected bad thoughts , jealous , haterness , frustation etc .i have stopped talking with all most all my Friends .

Really i don't how my future will be from now . It's like prolomng tunnel with no chance of seeing light. Just need a mirale to lift me out of this predicament .

Also i need some real good things to happen in my life to get over the frustation that i am going thru now .

I have to admit Comics is the only thing that kept me going thru this difficult times.The amount of money that is spent on buying comics is really big one that i will even hestited to pay during my job days . But that's is life and comics market never looked so good at India like this before .

It was such a solace for me after composing this post .

Hoping the Roller coaster will again go up in my life .that too very soon
அருண் பிரசாத்