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Monday, April 25, 2011


Recently came across this wonderful site which is unbelievably useful one


fromm the name itself you can surmised it is related to check pnr status for train journey .Yes your are correctAll you have to do is key in your pnr number and mobile number in the site for only once .After that you will get sms alerts whenever there is change in pnr status for your ticket till the train leaves for that particular journey .It is free of cost and even when train is cancelled that information is also sent via sms to you.Like wise any change in Train arrival time or departure time also

For more info visit


www.erail.in is also another site , that is quite useful for train travellers .

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Madurai Konar Kadai

Ask any maduraites about this restaurant , they will speak volumes about it .Such is the fame of this hotel , celebrities in all forms of life
will never miss a chance to eat here ,whenever they were in Madurai . Exactly don't know when they were started , but its been there for more than around 25 + years.They started in a small place near Library in simmakal .Very recently they moved to new place at Simmakal Bus stop .They have branches at Annanagar and Near Railway station only
Beware of the name . there are lot of shops with similar name .Only these 3 places are original .

Now let us look at the menu

The favourite of every one is Kari Dosai . Simply delicious . A single dosai cost around Rs 70 [When i visited last time ].It is combination of egg ,suka varuval and dosai.Have eaten Kari dosai in many places in Tamilnadu , but none of them are able to give this taste .

Some of other must haves are

Oil dosai
Onion Kari
Egg Kari
Kola urundai

Also their gravy they give for dosai and idly is utterly delicious .

Apart from these there are numbers of items made from Mutton ,which you could never seen or heard it before .

So next time when you are in Madurai , don't miss Konar Kadai and their Kari Dosai .Happy eating folks

Updation on Aug 1,2011 : Konnar Mess was started on 1946 . The prize of Kari Dosai as on July 2011 is Rs 80.

Price of Kari Dosai as of June 2012 is Rs 105 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Investment Tips - 1

When I met Saravanan Paramasivan in Scope during 2006 , my investment desire also started .It is he who guided me in all forms of Investment .sort of my investment Guru .Had come up long way from there . Thought of sharing some tips that I follow, with you all .Here is the first one

Almost everyone is paying Insurance premium of above 26,000 per year . When we try to yearly premium for this much amount, it is difficult for most of us .So generally I follow this idea ,which is quite handy for me .
Opening a Recurring deposit is the best option . For eg if  you have to pay a yearly premium of Rs 26,000 every year during May month , then open a RD for Rs 2300 on  June month for 1 year .So when the amount get matured by next year , take the amount and pay your premium amount .Immediately open a another RD for Next year. What more you get some extra amount as interest  also.

Now days opening a RD is very simple .We can open it thru online banking . Interest rate is also quite good .

Alternately we can open a Fixed deposit also for a Year and at the end of year , you can take the amount and pay your premium .

Hope you find this tip useful .Your valuable comments are welcomed.

Monday, April 18, 2011

AVM Rajeswari Theater


                                        Yesterday i got  a chance to see Movie at AVM Raejeswari Theater along with my spouse for the Movie Kullanari Koottam" . With a little doubt only , I went there as the first class ticket - [Box] is priced @ Rs 50 wondering how will be the service. But it turned out be remarkably unexpected experience . First of all , it's vacant place inside the theater complex. .A humongous one .Never seen in recent times such thing .Seating capacity was good , It was real worth for the money given . The most impressive thing was playing "National anthem before every show beginning. It was all of sudden .A slide asking people to stand for playing national anthem . All People got up and even some pople started to sing along with it . Is any theatre in India is following this nice gesture ? . Overall It somehow broguht be back to childhood days where I have seen movies in this kind of atmosphere . Just wondering , how they able to manage it with such minimum cost for ticket .While the so called high fi theaters -multiplex filling the pocket with Vitamin M .

To add cheery to it , was the movie itself .Kullanari Koottam was excellent . hope I will have this kind of experience in this theater in the coming days also .

Bravo - AVM Rajeswari Management

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Eat Out Guide

One thing I like to do all the times .Eating at hotels whenever I had a chance . Five years in chennai and it was good enoguh to create this list.Here is the complete list of eatries where I had a chance to eat . . Njoy

click to see the list Eat out Guide