Sunday, November 15, 2009

Xchanging,Sella Synergy and Kals

X changing : Formerly called Scandent,Cambridge is located at TVH Bellica Towers.Cleared the first round and eagerly waiting for the second round .The view of Marina from the roof top is breathtaking ,awesome and fabulous.At least for this sake i should join here.

Sella Synergy : Maiden visit to elnet city .As there was a system test , i returned with out attending

Kals :Couldn't clear the first round itself

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Accenture and Sasken

After tasting work at client place for the first time , i decided to give up vow to not to work at accenture again .It was one of the worst day in chennai , with heavy rain pouring around , i reached the office .Old golden memories came to me .But to my dismay they said i can attend after 1.6 years only .

Today was maiden visit RMZ Millenia park for sasken interview .Tomy disappointment i couldn't clear it .Some how i have to get a better permanent job .Things are not looking good .Counting all my luck on this Friday

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I am Kcab[Back]

At last ,the derailed ArunIT Express is back on track.Thanks to the offer from Saksoft.Even though i waited for around 11 months to hear the good news, when i had the moment today, i didn't felt much happy at all .Previously I used to break down , when i taste success after a failure.But this time around , nothing at all.May be i am used to the situation like this or this is small concern and i have to work in a client place which i never liked it or may be i have reached a stage in my life that i am able to control my feelings.What ever it might be ,it has given some hope that i needed very badly.

Although these tough 10 months have took away some fabulous moments from my life , it had its own advantage also.During this time I revamped several hobbies and also developed some new hobbies.Had a plan to do a separate blog on it in future.