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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

AMPA Skywalk

Yesterday had an opportunity to visit this mall as it was opening day . It looks promising but really i have to say the skywalk structure on top of the building is not that good as it appeared on paper.

very few shops have opened on the inaugural day .Had to visit it after some couple of months.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's Raining Malls and Multiplex in Chennai

Chennai gets one more landmark .Thanks to the newly to be opened shoping mall on September 28,09 at the junction of Cholimedu and poondhamalle high road.Christened as Ampa Sky walk - named due to a bridge which is suspended above 80 feet from ground level will have usual flavors of malls which includes eat out's like kfc,MacDonald,Pizza hut,and TGI Friday[First outlet in chennai].
Branded apparels like Benetton,Giordano,Jussport,Mustard,Bossini and Hush Puppies etc will have separate outlets.
Of course a mall in Chennai is never completed one without Landmark outlet, .Hence they are opening there 4th branch in Chennai here also.PVR Multiplex comes to Chennai thru this mall with seven screens.

I am very much looking forward to the opening of "Express Avenue" shopping mall which will likely start to function from last month of 2009.This mall located at whites rd , will see Satyam cinemas to open their second
outlet in Chennai city .

Other upcoming Important malls and Multiplexes are

Riverside Mall,Karapakkam - This is really going to be boon for IT guys.And what more Reliance brand Fame Ad labs
Cinemas will enter Chennai thru this Riverside Jumbo mall[Marg construction] with four screens initially.

Bangalore fame Prestige group lay their hands on Chennai thru their Forum mall at Vadapalani.

Also Ozone group started their mall construction in Annanagar and major construction group also started their

mall in siruseri ,omr.

So chennaities get ready for more window shopping and its going to be tough times for grooms to be guys.

Cinemax multiplex and Cinepolis Multiplex also venturing their Chennai debut in one of the coming malls.

And finally just for an information Chennai evergreen landmark "Spencer Plaza "is India's first shopping mall
and it was started on 1975.Amazingly none of the new shopping malls aren't able to compete with it
in terms of size and attractions .

CSS & SakSoft

Today attended interview at CSS, T.nagar and Saksoft.Though css was a bad performance
Saksoft went so well that i was selected for next round . Today also rasi's are changing.Hope it will bring good luck to me

Arun's Classic Mail's - 13

Dated : Jul 16 ,2004
Mail Subject :Course Completion certificate
Occasion : Explaining fellow classmates to get their course completion certificate.

YO Friends,
I hope we never meet again at MKU during next year, particularly at the month of February.
I just want to tell a shocking a news that there is still one more paper u have to write(get).But fortunately I have the Question and answer for that paper.And u can write (get) it at any time u like.The name of paper is "Course Completion Certificate".
The ?'s is as follows

Part A

Answer all the following 6 * 10 = Joy

1) Define "Course Completion Certificate"?
It is a certificate issued by MKU, to students who haven't completed their course.
It is similar to bit notice in size and color.

2) What are the necessary things that we should bring to get the certificate?
* A valid MKU Identity card
* Pen
* A good remembrance on what date u paid ur final tuition fee and the amount.

3) Explain the procedure to get the certificate ?

There are 7 steps to get it
a} Go to MKU early,in order to return home early
b} Approach the man near the security{ Man with mundasu}.Get the form from him{free}.Fill it and return it to the man next to mundasu man.He will ask u wait for some time {just 1 or 2 hours} .
c} Bring ur best buddy along with u to kill the time.
d} Goto the 2nd floor and turn right.Search for MKU Section and u will see the familiar man with spectacle.
e} Beware! he will check ur photo.
f} Wait for some time { Less than 1800 sec}.
g} Get it - verify it - return home safely.

4) It is necessary to get this certificate?
Yes.Particularly for the job seekers.

5) What are the qualification needed to get this certificate ?
One must should have paid all his three year tuition fee.

6) What is the best time to get it?

Between 10 -12 am is the favorable time to get it.

All the best to pass(get) in this paper in ur maiden attempt.

Peace out.

Note : Personally this is one of my all time favourite mail composed so far

Arun's Classic Mail's - 12

Dated : Oct 06 ,2004
Mail Subject :Kangaroo Vs Tiger
Occasion : When i got a chance to see cricket test match first time in my life

hello guys ,
tomorrow i may watch the bout between Indian tigers and Ozzie Kangaroos at Chinnasamy stadium.So there is every chance of u , to catch me on your TV set . Watch out for me . Adios


Arun's Classic Mail's - 11

Dated : May 28 ,2005
Mail Subject :Back to pug
Occasion : When i changed mobile no back to Hutch

guys u will do the following steps after reading this mail .

Pick up your mobile .
select phone book . search the edit option .
look for arun

replace 98406 54548

with 98844 04566 .

Save .


Arun's Classic Mail's - 10

Dated : Dec 10 ,2004
Mail Subject :Exit Bangalore : Enter Chennai
Occasion : When i winded up my job search at Bangalore

Dear Buddies,
the city of Bangalore was not fortunate enough to have a versatile person.
now the chance goes to Tamilnadu capital.Since my "Mission Bangalore" was a fiasco, I have decided to alter my hunting ground.My next destination will be Chennai.

After a few weeks of rejuvenation at my home town, I will start my "operation Chennai".So Chennai guys lookout for the bizarre man.

The only regret in leaving Bangalore is I am missing out scrumptious food items.The food is so delicious i have gained wt in alarming state during these 90 days here .

Hutch willn't allow me to use their no after DEC 17 .So yet another simcard collection for me in the offing .
Soon u will have my Contact info in Chennai.

My quest continues...... but my mail ends here .

Time to bid good bye to Bangalore

Peace out .

Friday, September 25, 2009

Arun's Classic Mail's - 9

Dated : Jan 02,2006
Mail Subject :Got Promoted
Occasion : When my nephew was born

Hi guys,
I was delighted to inform you that I am promoted . Well not in office but in Life as "Uncle" .On new year day by sister in law gave birth to baby boy.Both mother and child are
in perfect health.It is opposite to normal delivery[Hi hi I don't spelling for Ce-----------n .The most useful word in English is opposite isn't? ]

But I have to admit there been some disappointment regarding the gender.We always loved to have gal kids in our family.Way back in 1980 ,my dad refused to see me as i was born as a boy.Like the old adage "like Dad like son " me to like to have girls as my kid particularly a twins[Guys don't think i am ready for marriage ,i am just expressing my desire .There is still long road to go for
that ]

Any way it was so wondrous to see my little cute nephew.I am going to call him as "Pinky java" . {Strange name like his abnormal uncle]

Because of some technical problem ," I have to defer the "End of bachelor degree "release to some other date.Watch out for that


Arun's Classic Mail's - 8

Dated : May 15,2005
Mail Subject :At last my search engine finds it
Occasion : When I got by job at ycs

Arun Today
(Sharp mail for sharp people )

Hello and welcome to Arun Today.This is Arun Prasad.Let us take a look at important headlines at this hour .

Arun Strikes for the first time - Mission Chennai accomplished - The long wait is over - Around Bangalore and Chennai in 240 days comes to an end- The case of finding a job is solved - End of idle days.

Now news in detail.

05.05.05 was like any other day for most of u.But not for me .The first half of the day was filled with tension ,expectation ,fear but the latter half was full of emotion and excitement.
This was my most memorable day ever in my life so far ,b'coz I am so glad/happy/blissful/in orbit/delight/ecstasy/ "cock a hoop " / entrance / joy/ to apprise u that I have got a job at YCS [ Yellamanchili Consultancy service ] .

I can't find a better occasion to share some thoughts in my life .Mosquito coil - If u are regular watcher of a Tamil movie , u must have surmised it correctly that I am going for a flashback.

The year is 1998. Nonetheless of scoring decent marks at 12th exam [1037] ,an engineering degree "wasn't my cup
of tea"{hee hee i got a very poor mark at entrance}.I preferred an arts degree with an idea of doing MCA later.

But life in college is volte face to that at school.There was no proper guidance,no competition from fellow students and various distraction like sports ,lass further added to it .Apparently it resulted in degradation in my studies.Somehow I pulled the socks at last minute{semester} and got passed in first class[68%].But it wasn't
good enough and my poor cognizant in aptitude denied my entry into MCA course.I was transfixed .All my dreams were shattered.The later half of 2001 was the gloomiest period in my life.

As usual my brother came to the rescue like an "Light House".He proposed the idea of doing MCA via DLP.With no other option in hand , I half heartdely said yes.Now I have realized my dream which I dreamed some 7
Years back.Yet for another time the old adage has come true in my life .

" Everything happens in our life is always for good".
[ I hope my chinmayan pals will remember that based on this proverb was our first lesson {Old Thirumula} in
class 6 taken by Mrs.Vijayakumarai.]

Have a break and come back as u have miles to go ,before deleting this mail.

Welcome back.

Job search was really fun at the onset.But after the completion of 150 days, I began to see the effects of it .The month of January saw that my sanguine level registered its lowest level .
I clearly comprehend the meaning of stress ,depression , dejection etc.But I was very quick to fathom that " this is not going to do anything good for me" .Thank god ,the few drops of "never give up attitude" pulled me
out of this predicament.Day by day my confidence level raised like temperature in Chennai. I was back to my perky ways.But still I was far away from word normal. There is no doubt these forceful vacation days brought out lot of changes in me .

How I like to have these two beautiful words behind me .

J.Arun Prasad ., Software Engineer
It sound's so good isn't it ?

Even though my ultimate goal of entering into top MNC is still not reached , this job is the first step taken to reach there .This job has fetched me a good and bad news .

The good news is my wallet is gonna become bulky.The bad news is no more transaction from Dad ATM

I really wanted to dedicate this little achievement to the mighty God , my parents,. my Brother and Sister in law . There is no doubt , without their support I would have never made it

"Life is a great struggle and
one can't taste its ultimate sweetness
unless one has experienced its miseries"

How true the above words are!

People who are acquaintance with me are really flabbergasted by my recent faith in Deity(God).Well! all the kudos go to the subeditor of Vikkatan weekly magazine Mr.Madhan.By mere accident I read an article by him related to Kumbakonam holocaust .It was good enough to change my attitude.Arrigato to him.

It's getting prolong and syrupy so I conclude the news (mail).
Mail your feedback to


For news to have in your mobile type NEWS and send to 98406 54548.The next news will be within sen night carrying the title as "Arun's Digest" in the subject line .Lookout it is
much bigger than this .Brod cast is restricted to some region[Groups]

Adios from the happiest man in the universe - right now .

Virtusa & Syntel

Yet for again wasted two chances . This time it is virtusa and Syntel.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chepauk & Triplicane

As i am on the verge of completing , 4 years at "Bachelors paradise", i decided to come up with a spl blog about this place and hence the birth of this blog.

When we say Chepauk ,Triplicane comes to one mind and likewise when one say Triplicane ,chepauk comes to mind.Geographically also they interlinked so much that one needs some stay here to understand this place.Right from
1960's this area is called bachelor's Paradise and rightly so . Any idea how many Mansion/Lodge/Rest House/
GuestHouse is here ? .Some 5000 plus .Let's take a look at some landmarks in this places

Parthasarathy Temple
Marina Beach,
The Big Mosque
Chepauk Cricket Ground
Chepauk palace
Madras University
Presidency College
Kalaivangar Arangam
TN government New Secretary Building
Chennai's tallest Apartment Building-Arihant Tower
ThiruVattisavar Temple

One of the main reason for being called is bachelor's paradise is the availability of food items at an unbelievable cost Also the ease of reaching Egmore and central railway stations,Marina Beach, Spencer plaza , Citi center ,satyam cinemas,Shanti cinemas,Albert theater,Devi complex,Anna theater,Pilot theater ,Melody
theater,Woodland complex,and for booze lovers you can find 24X7 shops make this place no wonder a heaven for young fellas.

Of late , owing to the modern trends, we can see lot of branded shops opening there branches here also,which is quite welcoming thing.Surprisingly still there is no decent park here and also no good super markets.

Here is the list of eat out's in our area that got the privilege of Mr.Arun Visting them.

No place in Chennai , you can find variety of people living like this .Lot of Hindus occupy the house near parthasarathy temple,Muslims around Mosque area.Apart from you can find lot of bengalis who stay here mostly for their eye surgery , Lot of young guys from North eastern part of india[Sikkihm, Assam,Megahalaya] to take
up their degrees, lot of mar wadis etc.

So it is really great to stay all these years here. I will be missing this place very much in my life.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Arun's Classic Mail's - 7

Dated : Dec 24,2008
Mail Subject :End of Accenture Connection
Occasion : When I Lost my job at Accenture

Yo Fellas,

Accenture - June 04,07 - Dec 24,08

Dec 25,08 - ?

My roller coaster life took another dip today. Thanks to the global crisis and other things .

Use any of these id's to reach out me - databaseman@gmail.com or jap_in@yahoo.com

Still I am believing in this old adage , "Whatever happen in your
life is always for good" .This time around , apart from my skills and grit
,I need a miracle to lift me out of this predicament.

As I am going to enjoy this forceful, unexpected holiday , I wish you all
scintillating and layoff minus New Year.

Ur suggestions, ideas ,tips etc are welcomed most. I am thinking seriously of quitting this IT job for ever,
and look for other alternatives . Help me out if you have some useful ideas

Adios amigo


Arun's Classic Mail's - 6

Dated : Nov 21,2007
Mail Subject :Meet my Lover
Occasion : When I Purchased a Dell Laptop

The following news will be a real surprise for most of you, as I didn't give any slightest hint of this event

it all started when I saw her first near Adayar signal on the way to office .She was simply superb. I could hardly take my eyes from her. She was so slim, gorgeous and colorful just like Trisha .The moment I saw her I decided she is going to be mine at any cost. Made the necessary moves to follow her .Finally little difficulty, I get her consent.

Like typical Tamil cinema Father, my dad said nay. To make it worse, my brother also joined with him .Again like in typical Tamil cinema my mother came to rescue. With great difficulty we persuade him to accept.

Finally i got the nod to bring her home

I could hardly wait for the L-day so that she can sit on my lap and now it has happened

Yes on one fine rainy day she came to our house [Nov 20]

It happened all so suddenly, I couldn't send invitation to any one of you .Hope you can fathom.

Guys, life never looked so good like now.

Seeking your wishes and blessings

Oops I forgot to mention her name

Her Name is Dell Inspiron 1520[Color Spring green]

A recent picture of her - Aug 19,2011

She is really beautiful isn't

Adios amigos


Arun Prasad .J

Arun's Classic Mail's - 5

Dated : APR 20,2007
Mail Subject : Exit :Scope - Enter : ?
Occasion : When I resigned by job at scope

Hi Fellas
I am calling it’s a day .

J.Arun Prasad

System Analyst

Scope International

Sep 11 ,2006 [Surya Jothika marriage] to April 20,2007 [Abishek Aishwarya marriage]

Can any of u tell me when is next star’s marriage going to take place ?

you can send ur forwarded mails to any of these id’s


To hear my sweet voice, key in the following no’s

98844 04566

@ Madurai 0452 – 2580758

By any chance if u want to send postmen to my residence use the following address

353,Jp Illam

Malligai Street

Thendral Nagar


Madurai -20

To have a complete hitherto on me, use the following link


If u wanna become a member in scope yahoo groups ,send a blank mail to vintagescope_subscribe@yahoogroups.com


My Favorite Picture

This is one of my best picture captured by me to till date .

It is real pleasure to watch sunrise all alone at marina beach in early morning.No matter how many times i will see it , it will never bores me .The same goes for sunset also .

Saturday, September 12, 2009

FORD & SacSoft

Wasted these chance this week because of my negligence . Now have to pull myself and prepare well for the coming days.My first visit to SP Info city

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Arun's Classic Mail's - 4

Dated : Sep 05,2008
Mail Subject :The Curse of Central Railway station
Occasion : When i lost my samsung mobile phone

Hi all

you are gonna reply this mail with some numbers .Just take a speculation
before proceeding further .

OK .let's go on .Last Friday was a chance for me to join the elite group
of people who lose their mobile twice [Ironically both happened on 29th of a
month and that too at central railway station ] The real pain of losing a
mobile is in getting back the no's that we stored for all these years . so
fellas do send me your contact number

My contact number will remain the same and it is likely to be activated on
Thursday morning [ Sept 4]

adios amigo

Arun's Classic Mail's - 3

Dated : June 24,2007
Mail Subject :Bingo - eureka - voila - yahoo
Occasion : When i got job at Accenture

Hi Amigos
Arun Today
[ Sharp mail for sharp people]

Welcome to arun today .Lets take a look at headlines this hour

Start Monday with good news - Arun Strikes - End of bad days - Got a big fish

Now news in details

wowh ! what a day it was[June 24] .It was my day ,hardly i could make any mistakes .After conveying the tidings to my parents , i broke down .I could hardly control my tears, i doesn't want to . It was as if flood gates opened . It's the moment i am going to cherish for rest of my life time . So the ? arises is what happened to me .Time for a short commercial break

Recall the commercial featuring gorgeous Trisha in Fanta Ad
Recall the commercial featuring gorgeous Trisha in Perk Ad

Welcome back . I have been notorious for not telling any thing clear and straight.I want to keep up my reputation and don't want to disappoint my huge fans .So here we go

Some clues

Tiger woods
Formula one - williams team
next stop to karappakam
High performance .Delivered

Still have no idea .Hope this query will guide u

select company name ,designation from Nasscom where ename =" Arun Prasad"

Andersen Consulting , Software Engineer

Wondering where is this company ? Well many people know it in the name of Accenture

Mail ur feedback to jap_in@yahoo.com

for news to have it in ur mobile type "News" and send it to 98844 04566

The next news bulletin will be with in sen night. carrying the title " The adventures of Arun @ Accenture begins"

Substitute my usual words for closing here

Arun's Classic Mail's - 2

Dated : Aug 09,2006
Mail Subject :A dream comes true
Occasion : When i got job at Scope International

Ladies and gentleman ,
I had it .
05.08.2006 .Wow ! What a day it was.It was one of those days I could hardly make a mistake.Apparently it was a pinnacle in my life time .Never been before I was excited like this .I just Couldn't find a word in lexicon [dictionary] to describe my feelings.I can clearly hear ur saying " Come on Arun stop ur all blahs blahs and hit the nail on the head.But I am notorious for not telling anything clear and straight .So i want to keep my reputation and don't want to disappoint my huge fans .Here we go ! .Being a mystery lover ,I want to sprinkle some flavor of suspense behind the joyous event in my life.

There are three ways to find the reason behind this mail

1} The most simplest and I prefer u to do is ,give a missed call to this no
98844 04566 [including isd]

2} visit my personal site


is there any occasion better than this to proclaim my site to dear ones?

3} Wait for the sequel to this mail [ Mystery unveiled]

To be continued ..........

Awaiting for your missed calls.

End of part one


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Arun's Classic Mail's - 1

Dated : Feb 28,2005
Mail Subject :The Retirement Day
Occasion : When my father retired from service at LIC

Take a peek at the subject line if u haven't done so. It's not the title for upcoming sequel of the film "Terminator" starring the Californian governor Arnold S---------r [9 out of 10 times I am going to get his spelling wrong so I better leave it to u ]. It's about my favorite hero forever !! My Dad.

Today will be his last day at the office.He began his career as a clerk in LIC some 35 years back and now he is leaving as a CRM [Customer relation manager] .Also he is signing out at the same place [ Sellur,Divisonal office ,Madurai]where he signed in during 1969.That's make it perfect completion .

Explain briefly about your first flight trip ?

Awesome.The aerial view of city at night - Scrumptious meal - Prepossessing air hostess all made my debut air travel a memorable one .Finally I overcame my "Fightophobia".I was so silly to miss out 2 previous chances to go on air because of my fear.


Monday, September 7, 2009

HCL& Thirdware

Sept 05 - Went to vadapalani hcl to take up the interview .Really one of toughest interview .Even though they asked only core java it was very difficult to answer . It was mice experience .

Sept 06 - Went to Sabari convention center,T .nagar to attend interview for Thirdware system.Unfortunately they were recruiting guys who had real experience on Struts Project . Hence i left without attending . I just wind up the day by visiting Kamaraj memorial house which is situated just opposite to the venue.

வண்டலூர் Zoo

After more than a 2 decade i am visting this place .Really had to admit the i had the same enjoyment when i visited this same place as a kid . With passing of time a lot of good changes has taken place here . Now we can use battery car to tour around zoo which is really a large place to see .

I am going to publish some of old mails under the title as "Arun classic mails " in the coming days .