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Monday, October 10, 2011

ஆர்ச்சியோடு மோதாதே : Lion comics Review

 Lion comics Review  : ஆர்ச்சியோடு மோதாதே
Title No : 109
No of Pages:106
Year and Month of Publication : 1995 February
Price : Rs 6

                                                                                    Back Page of the Issue

                                     Out ant Out for Archie Fans only .Using the word 'Treat' will be lesser praise for Archie fans . It 's like eating full meals for 3 times in a day .Now let us move to the story


                             The story begins with the fort [Time Machine] reaching a place in 20th century after a successful adventure by Archie and crew .They were hoping to land in the London , but the place seems odd . They were welcomed by small robots and taken to the leaders . Actually this place is the future London and all the works are done by small robots and there is no war in this place . They were peace loving people and have forgotten about making weapons. Hence Archie is feeling is very bore as there will be no adventurer here  and propose a idea of leaving this place . 

All of sudden they see some spacecrafts in the space . Archie sense some troubles and its fears have come true as the space ship contains Crulez and his men,They want to capture and rule earth .So how Archie and crew fight against  Crulez to save the earth is the rest of the story 

A Particular scene in the story is like this small pipes will join together to form a snake which remained me of the scenes in Enthiran Movie starring Rajini Kanth


    Ad for Top 10 special started to come from this issue .A total of 16 stories were given .Out of these readers have to select 10 . If the selected 10 and publishers 10 are same , then they will receive special gift . Unfortunately none of the people couldn't guess our editors' choice . Some of them speculated 8 correctly . 

Ad for next issue of Lion comics

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Friday, October 7, 2011

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