Friday, June 12, 2015

Best Place to eat in Briyani in Chennai

Some of the best place to eat Briyani in Chennai in no specific order

Here we go .

Name : Thalappakatti
Location : Nunghabakkam ,Central station . Medavakkam ,Anna nagar , T.Nagar etc
Signature Dish : Boneless Mutton Briyani
Merits : one of few place where briyani made with seeraga samba rice.
Demerits : Too Much crowd

Name : Hajeeras Kitchen
Location : Near Vanikaran St ,Velacherry
Signature Dish : Muslim Briyani
Demerits : Only for takeway , Need to order well before .If you see the place where food is prepared , most of you willn't eat at all .cost is tooooooooooooo high .
Name : Salem RR Briyani
Location : Tambaram , Pallikarani ,Vadapalani etc
Signature Dish : Chicken 65 Briyani
Merits : Briyani sereved with Banana Leaf
Demerits :

Name : Nawab Sheikh Briyani 
Location : Velachery , Ramapuram
Signature : Iraqi Briyani and Awadhi Briyani
Merits : Must visit place for Briyani lovers .We can get all type of Briyani around the world in one place,Good ambiance 
Demerits : Cost little bit high .Place is not located on Main road . 

Name :National Durbar Restaurant 
Location : Near central railway station 
Signature Dish : Mutton Briyani
Merits : Good food at affordable price 
Demerits : Ambiance

Name : Aasife & Brothers
Location : Alandur , St thomas mount
Signature dish : chicken Briyani
Merits : Good ambiance and price is reasonable

Name : Madurai Arul Anadham
Location : T.nagar
Signature Dish : Chicken Briyani
Merits : Madurai fame hotel where still Seerga samba rice is used for preparing briyani
Demerits : though located on main road ,people will miss the hotel .No advertisement in big way to attract people

Name :Rahman Briyani
Location : Near Camp road ,Tambaram
Signature Dish : Chicken 65 Briyani
Merits : Good ambiance , plus good customer service

Name : Famous Briyani
Location : Near Sembhkkam ,
Signature : Famous Special Chicken Briyani
Merits : One of less known hotels where Briyani is not that much bad . Affordable price

Name : Ambur Star Briyani
Location : Velachery
Merits : Good ambiance .Price is OK
Demerts : Not sure this is original Ambur Star Briyani hotel.One of the worst hotel where i had eaten Briyani .But still some of my friends said it is good for them . May be it is my bad day

Name : Nair Mess
Location : Near bells road bus stop ,Chepauk
Signature Dish : Malabar Mutton Briyani
Demerits : Briyani will be available only on weekends .

Name : Noorus Restaurant
Location : OMR , Near ETA Techno Park
Signature Dish:Special Chicken Briyani

Name : Gongura Hotel
Location : OMR , Near Sholinganallur Signal
Signature Dish:Gongura Chicken Briyani
Merits : Spicy and different kind of Briyani
Demerits : Too spicy for Non spicy lovers

Name : Dawat a - Briyani aka Nigar Sultana
Location : Shera Apartment , Choolimedu main road ,Near Meenakshi collage , Kodambakkam ,
Signature Dish:Briyani
Merits : Home made , Simple and tasty
Demerits : Need to Pre order a day before
Phone : 9840318668.

Monday, June 1, 2015

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