Friday, August 26, 2011

Comic Heroes and their animal Companions

This post will cover the animals that assisted our  comic heroes

Starting with Phantom

When one visualize phantom ,immediately we come across Phantom sitting on his horse Hero and near by his dog /wolf Devil [Some people are saying Devil is dog and some are saying it is wolf .So I better leave it to the readers to decide on it]

Lucky luke :
Jolly Jumper the horse is the companion for Lucky Luke and do unimaginable things like preparing coffee,dance , fight etc

Rantanplan [Rin tin tin ] has also plays a important role in some stories of Lucky luke series .

Chick Bill

                                  Comanche the Horse is Chick bill companion .It had appeared only in few stories of Kit Artin /Chick bill Series

Sporty and Sydney : Vichu and Kitchu in Tamil comics

Picture courtesy : TamilcomicsUlagam : Viswa

A small dog which belong to Sporty will feature in all their strips .

I forgot the dog name in this series . It is so cute and fun to watch his action . My favourite one .

For more information on Sporty and Sydney , Please visit this link byViswa  Sporty

Tex Viller

Dynamite the horse is our hero TeX viller companion .I do remember in one story Tex kills his horse by himself to free it from pain of dead .

Cisco Kid

Again a horse is the companion for our hero Cisco Kid .Named as Diablo

Spirou and Fantasio :

For a change we have a Squirrel Sip as a companion rather than a dog or horse .

In some of the stories of this series we have Marsupilami [Monkey like] also

Asterix and Obelix :

Dogmatix the dog is our hero's companion . It is the world first environmentalist dog . It likes to bite Romans and cries when trees are axed

TinTin :

Snowy the dog is our hero Tin Tin companion . Plays a vital role in all Tin Tin adventure and full of mischievous

It would be great, if some one points the missed one [Certainly there must be many ]

My favourite in the above list is

Dog in Sporty and Sydney Series;I just like all the mischief it is doing . When I started to read Lion comics , the first thing I  will look is their any sporty series in the issue

Second one is Snowy and

Third place is Dogmatix

Special Thanks to King Viswa for Providing correct names for some of the characters mentioned in the post

See you soon with a new Tex Viller post .Adios


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    இனிமையான பதிவு. எனக்கு Dogmatix, Rantanpalan பிடிக்கும். என்னை இந்த பதிவினை எழுத சொல்லிவிட்டு, நீங்களே எழுதி விட்டீர்கள். எனக்கு இவ்வளவு விபரங்கள் தெரியாது. நல்லவேளை நீங்கள் எழுதியதால் நிறைய அறிய முடிந்தது.

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