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Monday, November 26, 2012

Muthu comics : Few old covers

Title No 37 : Rip Kirby 

Title No 42 : Charlie 

Title No 43 : George

Title No 47 : Cisco Kid

Title No 55 : Charlie

Title No 66 : Corrigan

Title No 71 : Mandrake

Title No 85 : Corrigan

Title No 86 : Phantom

Title No 89  : Phantom

Title No 111 : Corrigan

Title No 135 : Remi

Title No 137 : Lawrence and David

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Currency Collection

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Eat outs @ Hyderabad

For food lovers , here is the list of good eat outs in Hyderabad

Click here to see the list 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tombs @ Hyderabad

Qutb Shahi Tombs
Ever since I landed in Hyderabad,one of the place i was very eager to see is this magnificent Qutub Shahi tombs . This place is situated near Golconda fort .We need at least half a day to see this architecture beauty .

The tombs are domed structures built on a square base surrounded by pointed arches. 

The current state of these tombs are in complete disaster . With no proper maintenance , they may fall at any time.
One wonders how this stunning peice of architecuture beauty looked in his hay day .
Unfinished Tomb outside view

Inside view of unfinished Tomb
Paigah Tombs

These tombs are the final resing places for Paigah nobles of several generation . It is situated near owasis hospital
pisal banda.If you want to go by local train , get down at Yakutpura station and catch a auto to reach this place . It is situated within residential area and 90 % of locals doesn't know about this place . So better see on goggle map before visiting it.

These tombs are famous for the stucco work and partiuclarly the pineapple shaped stucco work on the top the building.Like any other tombs , poor negligence by ASI is visible clearly.It's real worth to visit this stunning piece of art work in your Hyderabad trip

Raymond's Tomb 

                        Some people call it as Raymond Obelisk . Raymond's tomb is the tomb of Michel Joachim Marie Raymond,a french general in Nizam's army.He is also the founder of Gun foundry in Hyderabad.This tomb is located on Mussa Ram Bagh .It is believed that this  place was named after him. One has to spend a lot of time to find this place and to make it worse the security guard will lock the gate to the entrance to this building for most of time as visitors are seemed to be"once in a blue moon" to this historical place

Sayedani Maa Tomb 

The passers by Tank bund road must have noticed this old place on the right side of road. wondering what it is doing on this place . It is called Sayedani Maa Tomb built by son
to his mother Maa Saheba.Famous for its onion shaped dome,stucco work and marble lattice work.

Some of the other prominent tombs that I have plannned to visit in the coming days
a) Patancheru Tomb
b) Khairati Begum's tomb
c) Fakhr -ul -mulk tomb

Patencheru Tomb

                                                Seeing the condition of all these Tombs , I am just wondering whether the next generation will have a chance to see these architecture wonders in person or not . A big question indeed?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Yummy Haleem

                                    What comes to your mind immediately,when you think of Hyderabad : Briyani ,Charminar , Pearls ,Irani chai, Golconda fort  etc.It's time to add one more to this list called as Haleem . 

It is an Arabian dish made of wheat,barley,spices,lentils and meat[chicken or minced mutton].In more simple words it is a non veg version of "நோன்பு கஞ்சி "  that we used to take from our Muslim friends during the Ramzaan month in Tamilnadu.

                                                            This is a special dish made only during the holy month of Ramzaan in India .In some other countries it is  prepared during the month of Moharram also .It is also called as  Khichra in some countries[Pakistan].The main idea of dish is to give strength to the people who are taking fast as this dish is full of nutrition and high calorie . But so much is the popularity of this dish , it became a roaring business now . "Pista House " is the No 1 place to taste best Haleem in Hyderabad.They even export Haleem to other countries during the month of Ramzaan.Some of the hotels in Hyderabad serves this dish throughout the year.

Some of the best place in Hyderabad to have Haleem are 

1) Pista House - Charminar and Mehadipatnam 

2) Sarvi Bakers - Mehadipatnam

3) Hotel Madina - Charminar
4) Hotel Adaab  - Nampally
5) Shah Ghouse Cafe - Shalibanda road ,Charminar

6) Mumtaz hotel - Warsiguda
7) Hotel Rainbow - Nampally
8) Alpha Hotel and Store - Secunderabad 

9) Cafe Bahar - Hyderaguda

10) Cafe Milli - Sanathnagar
11) Shadab Resturant- Charminar

12) City Light resturarant - Secunderabad
13) Hotel Niagara - Hyderaguda

14) Garden Resutrant - Secunderabad

15) Hotel Paradise - Secunderabad

16) Hotel Bawarchi - RTC X roads

                                                    I was looking forward to take this dish ever since I came to know about this and today my desire was fulfilled at Pista House . Wow . True to its fame and expectation , it is so good unlike the much hyped Hyderbadi Briyani's[Separate post coming soon on Hydera[Bad] Briyani]. 

Cost of 1 plate / serving of Haleem is Rs 120 @ pista House .No one can eat just one tagline is apt for this joint
It costed Rs 45 only in 2006 

If you wanted to try this recipe in your house , check this link 

So next time when you planning to visit Hyderabd ,make sure it is during the month of Ramzaan and taste this 
wonderful dish . Hope your mouth watered at least one time during this post :)