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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Arun's Classic Mail's - 14

Dated : Aug 22 ,2010
Mail Subject :Arun Thediya Priya
Occasion :Intimating friends about my marriage date

Hi Folks

By the time you read the words Adios amigos in this mail , you are left with one of the following actions to do
first and my favorite one :  Reply to this mail that will have any one of these words  like congrats, all the best, when is the treat, I am happy to see this etc 
second - Calling your spouse/friends and making a plan for Madurai trip
third -  Deleting this mail without replying anything
fourth - calling me to comment on this mail
Lets take a look at birth reason of this mail. I have come up with two versions and votes are welcomed for saying which one is the best.
Version 1
Finally the much awaited movie of the year is going  to release on Nov  18 ,2010 .Let's take a look at name and cast of crew for this  film.
Movie Name : Arun Weds Priya
Movie Tagline[s] : Inception of joy ,Marriages are made in heaven and in Madurai also. Arun manasula Priya, Dum dum time
Hero : Arun
Heroine : Priya
Producers : Our Parents
Co Producers : Anna and Anni
Directors   :Our Family members
Hero's Sidekick : My friends
Heroine's Sidekick : Her friends
Standup[Running] Comedian : Naren [ My Nephew]
Villains : Some of our relatives
Music : Thanjai Subramanian troops
Cinematography : Kamaraj Digital Studio
Preview Show : Nov 17[Engagement]
Release Date : 18.11.2010 [Marriage]

Anticipating everyone on the first day first show and make this movie a smash hit . So don't miss "Arun weds Priya" flick - In Mandapams at Madurai very soon .
Advance booking [Train ticket]started from Aug 21 onwards .

Version 2 :
When was the last time you visited Madurai ? . Couldn't remember when u made it or you had never had a chance to visit the second biggest city in TamilNadu well you missed a lot in your life . I can give you more than 1000 reasons for that , but for the time being a very few
1 ) Meenakshi Amman Temple - Pride of every Maduraites and of course every tamilans. A fabulous temple and great piece of Architecture beauty . Every time you visit , you will be mesmerized by his great beauty and sense of peace it brings to our mind.
2)Thirumalai Nayark Mahal -Yet another great architecture work .A combination of Italy and Tamil style of construction .A first look every one says " Awesome". To check this is true or not why not visit this place ?

3) Food  : There is one general saying which goes like this " When it comes to food matter no one can be like Maduriates" . A genuine statement. Never leave this "never sleep city" without tasting the following items  Avicha Tea, Green Vadai,Jigar thanda,Nalli omelet, Kolli saru, Kari dosai @ Konnar Kadai ,Egg Idly, Coffee at Vishalam coffee bar, fish at amma mess etc

4) People - Aniyathukuthu pasakaranga  pasanga-  too much affection showing people . Unlike what shown in most Tamil movies , Maduraites are peace loving and affectionate people. For sample you have seen Mr.Arun - Hee Hee
5) Tourist spot in and around Madurai:  Kodaikanal,Vaigai dam,Rameshwaram Temple,Karaikudi,Pillayar Patti,Thiruparakundaram temple etc
Enchanting Madurai-Experience yourself [ Courtesy -Tamilnadu tourism cooperation]

If you think the above reasons aren't good enough to entice you , then how about seeing me in some different costume on Nov 18,2010 .In other words my marriage with Priya .All you have to do use some form of transport to reach Madurai on Nov 18,2010 to see this gala event
I do hope these marketing tactics are good enough to bring you to Madurai . The real beauty of this[any] marriage function is that it is the only occasion where I can see all my friends[ child hood, school, college,office ] and my best wishers in  same place . I sincerely feel you will give me a chance to cherish this moments.
Coming soon to your inbox - "Boda Invitacion" - A never before and never again Wedding Invitation .110% guaranteed
Note : Please avoid bringing gifts . Especially if you are married ones don't find this an occasion to swap your unwanted gifts and help me saving from doing the same thing after my post marriage days :)  Jokes apart. If you are person of type saying what's an point of attending a marriage without any gifts - To save you from such embarrassments and difficult decision to buy what as a  gift, I have a solution called "Gift vouchers"  .
Contest : How many times I have used Nov 18 in this mail ?.All correct entries will win a special goody bag on Nov  18. Don't miss it .
Adios Amigos

My favorite picture clicked thru my camera -3

Chennai Central

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