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Friday, July 24, 2015

Meet The Translator

Any Guess who is this .

Clue : He is playing a vital role in our comics for many decades  . He is from Madurai. Close friend to Mr. Soundarapandian. His name has appeared in our comics few times , but never his photo.

Scroll below to see the name

He is Mr .Karunaiantham .He is one of the main translator for our comics for many years .

His first translation story is the smash hit story of Lawrence and David adventure " Manjal poo Marmam".

Mr.Karunai Anadham and Mr .Soundarpandian are college mates @ American college,Madurai . And this is how he got a chance to translate.In those days as there are no courier services, he used to travel all the way to Sivakasi to handout the translated script

A young looking Mr.Karunai anadham during Feb 10,1987 @ our house warming ceremony function [Second row from last ,From Left to right second person]

This versatile young man is in to 70's now and and he is residing at Gomathipuram just few street away from my home in Madurai .

Will share his experience with our comics in coming days.Watch out

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mesmerizing Mamallapuram

                                  Mamallapuram, also called Mahabalipuram or Seven Pagodas,  historic town, northeast Tamil Nadu state, southeastern India. It lies along the Bay of Bengal 37 miles (60 km) south of Chennai (Madras). The town’s religious centre was founded by a 7th-century-ce Hindu Pallava king, Narasimhavarman, also known as Mamalla, for whom the town was named. Ancient Chinese, Persian, and Roman coins found at Mamallapuram point to its earlier existence as a seaport. It contains many surviving 7th- and 8th-century Pallava temples and monuments, chief of which are the sculptured rock relief popularly known as “Arjuna’s Penance” or “Descent of the Ganges,” a series of sculptured cave temples, and a Shaiva temple on the seashore. The town’s five rathas, or monolithic temples, are the remnants of seven temples, for which the town was known as Seven Pagodas. The entire assemblage collectively was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1984.

Light House @ Mamallapuram

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Benny Breakiron / Benoît Brisefer

Benoît Brisefer is a Belgian comic strip created in 1960 by Peyo  about a little boy whose peaceful, innocent appearance, charm and good manners covers his possession of superhuman strength

                        What makes him really exceptional, though, is that he possesses superhuman strength: he can lift tremendous weights, leap huge distances or jump over the buildings like a flea and run extremely fast. When attacked by a small army, he easily defeats them by knocking them all unconscious.
However, if he catches a cold he loses his strength and becomes "the well-behaved little boy that every parent would love to have.

Other Main characters in this series

Mister Dussiflard ,Driver
Serge Vladlavodka: an inventor
Mrs Adolphine ,old lady 
Mrs. Adolphine II aka Lady d'Olphine .A Robot created by Serge Vladlavodka
Uncle Placide

Friday, July 3, 2015


                                              Leonard is a Belgian comic series about an eponymous inventor and his assistant. It was created by artist Philippe Liégeois and writer Bob de Groot

The main character is inspired from Leonardo da Vinci

The other notable characters in this series are

Basile the assistant
Raoul the cat
Bernadette the mouse
Mathurine the housekeeper

The stories are usually short ones ranging from one to half-a-dozen or so pages, though there have been the occasional full-length adventures.

A Cartoon series in Production and it has been renamed Contraptus for the international market

For those who want to read this series  in Tamil buy the "Cartoon Special" which is planned for Aug 2015 by Lion / Muthu Comics .Eagerly waiting to read in Tamil :)


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Haleem in Chennai

Surprise ! Surprise . Till last month , I thought Haleem can be tasted in Hyderabad only . Come Ramzan month and i found many eateries in Chennai serving this Divine Dish .Though the taste can be nerve compared with Hyderabad , one doesn't need to go to Hyderabad to taste this special Dish any more

Here are few places that is serving Haleem in Chennai for the year 2015

Hyderabad Top Haleem sellers " Pista House "has come to Chennai . It can be tasted at the following

2) Ammi's Briyani

3) Nigar Sultana aka Daawat-a-Biryani

Home made Haleem .you need to preorder  a day before to get it

Phone : 9840318668.

Location : Shera Apartment , Choolimedu main road ,Near Meenakshi collage , Kodambakkam ,

4) Sea Shell  @ OMR

5) Palmshore @ Pattinapakkam and Ashok Nagar

6) Fridhouse @ Saligramm and Triplicane

7) Hajeeras Kitchen @ Velachery

you need to preorder  a day before to get it

Phone : 9962203809

8) Abdullah’s Biryani and Curries : Triplicane

9) Rasavid Opp to Sahtyabama colleage ,

10) Mughal’s Zaika, Kilpauk

Happy Haleem time