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Monday, September 19, 2011

மரண முள் : Lion comics Review

Front Page of the issue

Highlight of this issue :மரண முள்  
 Price :Rs 15
Title No : 120
Release Year and Month :1996 & April
No Of Pages :178

* It is an Summer special issue

* A sparkling front page featuring Tex Viller with Silver color back ground . It is one of best front page in Lion comics according to me . Tex in his usual dress code of yellow color shirt ,with blue trouser and red cap with red scarf

* This is Tex viller story with an mixture of science ,thriller and cowboy action

Back Page of the issue

Trivia : Any guess how many times our hero Tex Viller has used his gun in this story . Also by Kit Carson ,Kit and Tiger Jack ? .Answer at the end of the post

Hot Line :  


                                The Story begins with a huge meteoroid landing in Arizona province desert and leaving behind a huge hole and some strange plants around it .After some months a RedIndian youngster who happened to be near the spot is killed in gruesome manner . People couldn't find any clue about this
murder .All they could find his a strange green plant in that area and some of the plants have reddish flower at the top of it.His brother and friend of dead red Indian tribe vows to find the killer and take revenge .But they too faced the same fate . The feared RedIndain Chief calls in our hero Tex Viller to investigate this strange matter .

Tex and co set out to investigate this .Even they couldn't find any clue and decided to tent at the place for the night and start all over again in the morning .They were woke up by Kit Carson firing in the middle of night only to find out it was some greenish horn [பச்சை முள் உருண்டை]probably brought up by wind . In the morning they continued their search again and results are same - no clues . Tex decided to take the roundish green horn to Morrisco who is an kind of scientist . During his investigation Morrisco finds out that the plant is actually a living being with a heart .Also to kill other living beings it sucks the blood of them completely .By accidentally they find out this greenish round horn can be killed by immersing it in alchol . Morrisco wants more of this creature and so along with Tex and Co he sets for the meteoroid fallen spot .Meanwhile army has been notified about this creature by Tex Viller telegram and asked them to protect people from this creature and not to take any action till he arrives there .

                                           Initially army consider this as a kind of joke ,but after some personal loss to them , they started to take this as a serious matter .They too by accident discover that ,by using alchol they can eliminate this thing . Hence they starts destroying process .

        At Last they decided to blow up the meteoroid fallen site also where the green horn [பச்சை முள் உருண்டை ]originated . By the time Tex co arrives , everything was over . One does really feel sorry for Morrisco at the end of Story .

                There was mixed response to this story from comic fans .Majority of Tex fans felt there is not much action work for Tex while some liked this because of the mystery that ran till the end of the story . Since I was on the later list of fans, I came up with this blog which is one of my personal Tex Viller Story

Answer for Trivia :

Tex : Zero [0] times .He drew his gun couple of times ,but never used it .

Kit Carson : 1 times

Kit : Zero [0] times

Tiger Jack : 0 times

Well that sums up the story Is It not ? . See you soon with my all time favourite hero Archie story that came in mid 90's -Any guess ?

Ad for next issue in Marana Mul:

Adios amigos and leave your valuable feedback about this post

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Inspector Danger's Crime Quiz

                                                                 Regular reader of Lion comics will remember Inspector Danger Crime quiz very well . This was popular contest in Lion comics during the mid 90's . There was similar one  series in Muthu Comics also [Starting with alphabet D I think ]

The series Inspector Danger by Werner Wejp-Olsen, is one of the few contemporary Danish comics to have international success. The series started out in either the Danish tabloid magazineBilledbladet in 1974 under the name Max Møller, and has had a history of being published by the tabloid press like Se & HørUgens Rapport and Ekstrabladet. In comics, the series ran in the anthology seriesSeriemagasinet from 1983, until the series folded in 1984. Danger was also given his own series in 1988 (5 issues) and the series started getting sold to magazines and newspapers, both inside and outside Denmark.
Even though the series is a comic, this is not the selling point of the series. Around the World, the series is sold as crime puzzle for various puzzle magazines, e.g. the Danish magazine Tænkesport. It just happens to be a comic at the same time.

The main characters are the tough and rough Inspector Danger, all criminals’ worst nightmare, and Alfie, his dim-witted assistant and still a rookie after seven years on the force.

                       I was one of those hundreds of  disappointed fans when it was stopped abruptly .Recently i came across this again in Gocomics.com . Click the following link to see more Inspector Danger’s Crime-Quiz Inspector Danger's Crime Quiz by Werner Wejp Note: You need to register to see the link .

Also check out Gocomics.com. A lot of comic strip is available here.Once you have registered it , you can get  your favorite comic strips in email daily for free

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