Thursday, August 27, 2009

திருமலா Trip

Aug 12
A unbelievable event happened in the world without any one noticing it .It was a day i went to thirumala for the first time.
None of my close friends would believe this as i am not that sort of person.But they don't how desperate i am to get a job .To get a job , i wanted to make sure that i leave no stone unturned.

We reached there by 11:10 pm and sign said that the door will be opened tmrw 9:30 pm .As tmrw is Krishna jeyanthi function the crowd is more than usual .But a miracle happened as they opened doors around 12:00 am itself.By around 2:00 am we had our darishnam.Really it was so amazing to see so people so see the beloved god at any cost . A trip to Tirupathi is never completed one without a ladu .I will never forget eating a whole ladu around 2:15 am inside the temple .

we concluded out trip to thirumala by visiting kala kasthi on the way to Chennai . We reached around 6:00 pm to our room .None of them could believe that we had a darishnam with a such a short duration.I had made by mind to visit tirumala once again after getting a job .Also the return journey from thirumala to tirupathi is breath taking one .Over all a wonderful experience

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