Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I am Kcab[Back]

At last ,the derailed ArunIT Express is back on track.Thanks to the offer from Saksoft.Even though i waited for around 11 months to hear the good news, when i had the moment today, i didn't felt much happy at all .Previously I used to break down , when i taste success after a failure.But this time around , nothing at all.May be i am used to the situation like this or this is small concern and i have to work in a client place which i never liked it or may be i have reached a stage in my life that i am able to control my feelings.What ever it might be ,it has given some hope that i needed very badly.

Although these tough 10 months have took away some fabulous moments from my life , it had its own advantage also.During this time I revamped several hobbies and also developed some new hobbies.Had a plan to do a separate blog on it in future.

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