Friday, April 2, 2010

2 Useful tips

recently i came across 2 good facility which saved time and money .U might have already knew this ,But this is for the one who are not aware of this facility .

Here we go .

1 ) on the day of train journey if ur ticket is either waitlisted or RAC , to check the final status of ticket normally we will look at final charts ,check at enquiry, enquire TTR ,check thru internet, call railways customer care center etc .Now u can avoid all these , simply type pnr followed by space and 10 digit pnr number and send it to 139 .


pnr 4414519190

and send it to 139 . U will get ur ticket status in a jiffy [Which coach ,seat no ,train name etc ] .This certainly saves lot of tension and waiting time at queue.

2) If u want some extra passport photos[Assuming ur having already one good photo] , normally u will got to photo studios to get the extra copies. They will charge around Rs 40 or Rs 30 for 8 photos [It may vary from studio to studio] .Instead , if you give the same to color Xerox center , u can have 16 photos for Rs 20 only . The quality is also quite good

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  1. Hi Arun,

    Didn't know that you have started blogging regularly again.

    That PNR Info was really nice. Thanks.