Thursday, May 6, 2010

Four years in IT

6.5.2010 - This day marks my 4th year completion in the IT field . Looking back , i can clearly say that
i had a chance to work in all kind of companies in my field . Started with a small organization ,then moved to CMM level 3 ,then to a top mnc in the world  then again to cmm level 5 company with a work at client place  and finally a very good Indian based mnc .

Let's look at the companies that i have worked so far

Company Name                                      Client Name

1) Yalamanchili Constultancy services        - Citibank,LVB,TMB,IOB,CUB,Parsik Bank,NDB
2) Scope International                               - Standard Charted
3) Accenture                                             - Well Point,State farm
4) Saksoft                                                 - De penning & De penning
5) Infinite Computer soluionts Ltd              - Verizon
6) HCL*                                                   - Cisco

one look at the above list will clearly shows that I am frequent changer . Going forward , i want
to change that name and looking for a longggggggggg  term at HCL .
* Going to join on May 13

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