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Arun's Classic Mail's - 13

Dated : Jul 16 ,2004
Mail Subject :Course Completion certificate
Occasion : Explaining fellow classmates to get their course completion certificate.

YO Friends,
I hope we never meet again at MKU during next year, particularly at the month of February.
I just want to tell a shocking a news that there is still one more paper u have to write(get).But fortunately I have the Question and answer for that paper.And u can write (get) it at any time u like.The name of paper is "Course Completion Certificate".
The ?'s is as follows

Part A

Answer all the following 6 * 10 = Joy

1) Define "Course Completion Certificate"?
It is a certificate issued by MKU, to students who haven't completed their course.
It is similar to bit notice in size and color.

2) What are the necessary things that we should bring to get the certificate?
* A valid MKU Identity card
* Pen
* A good remembrance on what date u paid ur final tuition fee and the amount.

3) Explain the procedure to get the certificate ?

There are 7 steps to get it
a} Go to MKU early,in order to return home early
b} Approach the man near the security{ Man with mundasu}.Get the form from him{free}.Fill it and return it to the man next to mundasu man.He will ask u wait for some time {just 1 or 2 hours} .
c} Bring ur best buddy along with u to kill the time.
d} Goto the 2nd floor and turn right.Search for MKU Section and u will see the familiar man with spectacle.
e} Beware! he will check ur photo.
f} Wait for some time { Less than 1800 sec}.
g} Get it - verify it - return home safely.

4) It is necessary to get this certificate?
Yes.Particularly for the job seekers.

5) What are the qualification needed to get this certificate ?
One must should have paid all his three year tuition fee.

6) What is the best time to get it?

Between 10 -12 am is the favorable time to get it.

All the best to pass(get) in this paper in ur maiden attempt.

Peace out.

Note : Personally this is one of my all time favourite mail composed so far

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