Sunday, January 12, 2014

Diamond Comics


                                             Diamond Comics: is the India's largest selling comics. Being published in almost all the regional languages, Diamond Comics has attained an unmatched reach to every corner of India. It is providing the best Comic literature to Indian children for the last four decades. Infact, you name any Indian or foreign character and you will find it in Diamond Comics. It has attained the readership of all age groups. 

Diamond Comics is responsible for popular Indian comics characters such as Chacha Chaudhary

Diamond Comics has been publishing many foreign characters comics such as Phantom, Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, James Bond, etc.  in India. 

Diamond Comics is the publisher of characters of India's famous cartoonist; Pran.

Well the reason for this post is while browsing for some other thing i stumble on this site. They are offering gift pack containing 10 books of particular character.Bingo.I saw one of my fav hero story available in their site.

It is Mandrake.The quality of book is not that much great .but still for the love of Mandrake ,i bought these books.though the original price of these books is Rs 15,they are now selling it for Rs 50.

I bought Phantom ,James bond,He man too.Many of Phantom stories have come in Rani comics and few came in Muthu comics too.for a people like me who once have read all the stories in rani comics,it was travel down the memory lane to the glorious childhood days.Each book contain 2 or 3 stories .some of the books are in color.Overall it is must for Mandrake and Phantom lovers.

you can buy the book from is also available on popular sites like homeshop18, Infibeam etc.


  1. Hi Arun, Thanks for the info. Just now checked the site. Mandreke stories are available only in gift pack. They mentioned English, Hindhi as language. Then its mix up of Engilish and Hindhi issues? Can you clarify pls?

  2. Hi siv, Phantom and Mandrake stories are available in only in gift pack.I suggest you to buy these books thru either infibeam or homeshop18 sites.There you find separate gift pack for english and hindi.Each pack will contain 10 books [some might be in color and some in b & w].