Monday, May 18, 2015

Palazzo Cinemas

               Satyam cinemas is going to open  yet another branch with the name as Palazzo Cinemas at Vijya Forum Mall ,Vadapalani from June 9 onwards .It will have 9 screens of which one will be IMAx Screen .

iMAX Vs Regular theater difference

The price of the ticket, and the size of the movie. IMAX is HUGE, much larger than a regular movie. Sometimes they will have special effects or 3D stuff in IMAX, also. 

IMAX has now cheapened the process and all of the IMAX screens built in the past 4 years are smaller screens where the seats are closer to the screen to give the appearance of a larger image. Digital IMAX does use 2 video projectors projecting at the same time giving a 50% brighter picture than regular digital projection. When IMAX is showing a 3D movie, the picture will be brighter than other theaters showing the same movie in 3D. But only at older IMAX theaters do you get double 70mm projection with a huge screen. The newer theaters, you're just paying for an extra projector. 

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