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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Lakes in Chennai - Updated Version

Diabetics is good for Life. Confused . A irrelevant sentence to this post ?. Answer at the end of post

Lake ArasanKazhni

Lake Adambakam

Lake Chitalapakam

Lake Gowrivakam

Lake Hastinapuram

Lake Karanai

Lake Keelkatalai

Lake S.Kolathur

Lake Kovilambakkam

Lake Classic / Subramaniyan

Lake Madambakkam

Lake Madipakkam

Lake Medavakkam

Lake Moovarasanpet

Lake Nanmangalam

Lake Narayanapuram
Lake Navallur

Lake Otiyambakkam

Lake Perumbakam

Lake Puzthivakam

Lake Selayiur

Lake Sholinganallur 

Lake Siruseri

Lake Thazambur

Lake Tirisulam

Lake Velachery

Lake Vellaikal [Near Medavakam]

The End
Bonus :

Buckingham Canal - Near Sholinganallur

Okkiam Maduvu

Thanks to the family heredity . Got diabetic at early age . If i haven't got diabetic , i would have never bought a Bicycle .Not only it helped me rediscover the joy of cycling , it also helped me to explore city at ease .Surprisingly all the above lakes are within 10 to 15 Km from my house [Medavakkam Koot road ] / on the way to office [Navallur].

Diabetics is good for health right :)

Few more added to the collection - June 30,2016

Lake Chetpet

Lake Chitalapakam

Lake Madambakam

Lake Kovilanchery

Lake Mambakam

Lake Irumbaliyur

Lake Vengaivasal

Lake Agaram / Kaspapuram

Lake Thiruneer Malai

Lake Siruseri - Lower Level

Lake Vannan / Manthoppu

Lake Kadaperi

Lake Polachery

Lake Old Perugalathur

Lake Irumbuliyur

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