Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Investment Tips - 1

When I met Saravanan Paramasivan in Scope during 2006 , my investment desire also started .It is he who guided me in all forms of Investment .sort of my investment Guru .Had come up long way from there . Thought of sharing some tips that I follow, with you all .Here is the first one

Almost everyone is paying Insurance premium of above 26,000 per year . When we try to yearly premium for this much amount, it is difficult for most of us .So generally I follow this idea ,which is quite handy for me .
Opening a Recurring deposit is the best option . For eg if  you have to pay a yearly premium of Rs 26,000 every year during May month , then open a RD for Rs 2300 on  June month for 1 year .So when the amount get matured by next year , take the amount and pay your premium amount .Immediately open a another RD for Next year. What more you get some extra amount as interest  also.

Now days opening a RD is very simple .We can open it thru online banking . Interest rate is also quite good .

Alternately we can open a Fixed deposit also for a Year and at the end of year , you can take the amount and pay your premium .

Hope you find this tip useful .Your valuable comments are welcomed.

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