Monday, April 18, 2011

AVM Rajeswari Theater


                                        Yesterday i got  a chance to see Movie at AVM Raejeswari Theater along with my spouse for the Movie Kullanari Koottam" . With a little doubt only , I went there as the first class ticket - [Box] is priced @ Rs 50 wondering how will be the service. But it turned out be remarkably unexpected experience . First of all , it's vacant place inside the theater complex. .A humongous one .Never seen in recent times such thing .Seating capacity was good , It was real worth for the money given . The most impressive thing was playing "National anthem before every show beginning. It was all of sudden .A slide asking people to stand for playing national anthem . All People got up and even some pople started to sing along with it . Is any theatre in India is following this nice gesture ? . Overall It somehow broguht be back to childhood days where I have seen movies in this kind of atmosphere . Just wondering , how they able to manage it with such minimum cost for ticket .While the so called high fi theaters -multiplex filling the pocket with Vitamin M .

To add cheery to it , was the movie itself .Kullanari Koottam was excellent . hope I will have this kind of experience in this theater in the coming days also .

Bravo - AVM Rajeswari Management


  1. Arun, Still the Price is same and I like their service. Within Rs 150 four of my family can see the movie. If the price is like this more ppl will come to theatres.