Monday, August 1, 2011

Saving Tips - 2

                                            Credit Card - Yes I am going to share how we can save money by using Credit Card . I do hope everyone knows that interest in our saving bank is calculated on daily basis now rather than the old way where the last days 20 days of month is used for calculating interest . Ever since this rule came , I am started using my credit card for almost all the places where it can be used. So once when credit card bill comes out , I usually pay the amount for the bill one or two days before the last date mentioned in the bill . By this way the amount in my savings bank is kept intact and hence naturally  I will be getting more interest . Even though we are not saving huge amount of money , a paisa saved in paisa gained .

Also one more advantage of using Credit card is , we will get reward point every time we swipe our card . The accumulated points can be used by items according to the need of the person . 

Caution : This method is suitable for only those people who have an absolute control of how to use the credit card .

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