Thursday, August 4, 2011

மரண தூதர்கள் : Lion Comics Review

Title Name :  மரண தூதர்கள்

Title No :164

Release Year : 2000

Price :Rs 15

No of Pages : 322

This is one of my favorite Text viller story full of action,thrill and twist .

Sorry for the poor quality of pictures .With digi cam I took it without using any flash .

The highlight of this issue :

* Diwali Special

* A special issue featuring Tex Viller is Published in Pocket size after a long time .Before this I think it is "Viking theevu marmam" .Not sure

* It is one of those issue which was in advertisement for a long time

Hot line :

                               The Story begins with a leader of Phoenix Ranger Group meets Tex and Carson and asking them to nail some thugs who were using army machine gun to rob banks ,killing people etc . A Mexican land lord named Don Collermeyo aided by gang leader Paplo is the man behind these activities . He wanted to use that money to build up his own army to drive away Americans who have taken his ancestors land .Tex came to know this through his ex army friend Captain Labertiyai who also happens to be future son -in law of the Mexican landlord .So how tex and Carson defeat them is the rest of the story which is full of action packed .There is twist at the end of the story which makes this story a spectacular one .

Back Page of the issue

Some of my favourite moments in this story are

@ when Tex finds out Sargent Hall brook helped to steal the machine gun from the army , at that time eprsssion shown by Hall Brook and the beating he got after that

The opening conversation between Tex and Co when they meet Phoenix ranger leader .

Ad for coming release in that book

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  1. Hi Arun,

    Thanks to a wonderful journey filled with full of nostalgia. Very nice post which kindled all my memories today.

    You have rightly mentioned that in this issue Tex appears in Pocket size after a long time.

    //A special issue featuring Tex Viller is Published in Pocket size after a long time .Before this I think it is "Viking theevu marmam" .Not sure//

    However, Just after Viking Theevu Marmam, which was Lion Issue No 60 in May 1989, there was another special Adhiradi Kanavai. Diwali special , Lion Issue No 64, Oct 1989 .

    So, it would be nice to say, after 12 years, Tex appears in a Pocket sized diwali special in Lion Comics.

    By the way, Here are the cover images, scanned. If You want, you can use them:

    Lion Comics No 164:Marana Thudhargal-Diwali Special-Front Cover-Oct 2000:மரண தூதர்கள் முன் அட்டைப்படம்

    Lion Comics No 164:Marana Thudhargal-Diwali Special-Back Cover-Oct 2000: மரண தூதர்கள் பின் அட்டைப்படம்

  2. @ Viswa : thanks viswa for Visiting and posting your comments . special thanks for the providing cover scans .I have used them in the post .

    Adhiradi Kanavai. Yes i remember this story now .