Friday, July 3, 2015


                                              Leonard is a Belgian comic series about an eponymous inventor and his assistant. It was created by artist Philippe Liégeois and writer Bob de Groot

The main character is inspired from Leonardo da Vinci

The other notable characters in this series are

Basile the assistant
Raoul the cat
Bernadette the mouse
Mathurine the housekeeper

The stories are usually short ones ranging from one to half-a-dozen or so pages, though there have been the occasional full-length adventures.

A Cartoon series in Production and it has been renamed Contraptus for the international market

For those who want to read this series  in Tamil buy the "Cartoon Special" which is planned for Aug 2015 by Lion / Muthu Comics .Eagerly waiting to read in Tamil :)



  1. Nice one, Arun.

    Good to see your posts on comics, after a series of posts on the

    restaurants and delightful briyani joints.

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