Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Benny Breakiron / Benoît Brisefer

Benoît Brisefer is a Belgian comic strip created in 1960 by Peyo  about a little boy whose peaceful, innocent appearance, charm and good manners covers his possession of superhuman strength

                        What makes him really exceptional, though, is that he possesses superhuman strength: he can lift tremendous weights, leap huge distances or jump over the buildings like a flea and run extremely fast. When attacked by a small army, he easily defeats them by knocking them all unconscious.
However, if he catches a cold he loses his strength and becomes "the well-behaved little boy that every parent would love to have.

Other Main characters in this series

Mister Dussiflard ,Driver
Serge Vladlavodka: an inventor
Mrs Adolphine ,old lady 
Mrs. Adolphine II aka Lady d'Olphine .A Robot created by Serge Vladlavodka
Uncle Placide

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