Friday, September 25, 2009

Arun's Classic Mail's - 9

Dated : Jan 02,2006
Mail Subject :Got Promoted
Occasion : When my nephew was born

Hi guys,
I was delighted to inform you that I am promoted . Well not in office but in Life as "Uncle" .On new year day by sister in law gave birth to baby boy.Both mother and child are
in perfect health.It is opposite to normal delivery[Hi hi I don't spelling for Ce-----------n .The most useful word in English is opposite isn't? ]

But I have to admit there been some disappointment regarding the gender.We always loved to have gal kids in our family.Way back in 1980 ,my dad refused to see me as i was born as a boy.Like the old adage "like Dad like son " me to like to have girls as my kid particularly a twins[Guys don't think i am ready for marriage ,i am just expressing my desire .There is still long road to go for
that ]

Any way it was so wondrous to see my little cute nephew.I am going to call him as "Pinky java" . {Strange name like his abnormal uncle]

Because of some technical problem ," I have to defer the "End of bachelor degree "release to some other date.Watch out for that


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