Monday, September 14, 2009

Arun's Classic Mail's - 6

Dated : Nov 21,2007
Mail Subject :Meet my Lover
Occasion : When I Purchased a Dell Laptop

The following news will be a real surprise for most of you, as I didn't give any slightest hint of this event

it all started when I saw her first near Adayar signal on the way to office .She was simply superb. I could hardly take my eyes from her. She was so slim, gorgeous and colorful just like Trisha .The moment I saw her I decided she is going to be mine at any cost. Made the necessary moves to follow her .Finally little difficulty, I get her consent.

Like typical Tamil cinema Father, my dad said nay. To make it worse, my brother also joined with him .Again like in typical Tamil cinema my mother came to rescue. With great difficulty we persuade him to accept.

Finally i got the nod to bring her home

I could hardly wait for the L-day so that she can sit on my lap and now it has happened

Yes on one fine rainy day she came to our house [Nov 20]

It happened all so suddenly, I couldn't send invitation to any one of you .Hope you can fathom.

Guys, life never looked so good like now.

Seeking your wishes and blessings

Oops I forgot to mention her name

Her Name is Dell Inspiron 1520[Color Spring green]

A recent picture of her - Aug 19,2011

She is really beautiful isn't

Adios amigos


Arun Prasad .J

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