Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Arun's Classic Mail's - 3

Dated : June 24,2007
Mail Subject :Bingo - eureka - voila - yahoo
Occasion : When i got job at Accenture

Hi Amigos
Arun Today
[ Sharp mail for sharp people]

Welcome to arun today .Lets take a look at headlines this hour

Start Monday with good news - Arun Strikes - End of bad days - Got a big fish

Now news in details

wowh ! what a day it was[June 24] .It was my day ,hardly i could make any mistakes .After conveying the tidings to my parents , i broke down .I could hardly control my tears, i doesn't want to . It was as if flood gates opened . It's the moment i am going to cherish for rest of my life time . So the ? arises is what happened to me .Time for a short commercial break

Recall the commercial featuring gorgeous Trisha in Fanta Ad
Recall the commercial featuring gorgeous Trisha in Perk Ad

Welcome back . I have been notorious for not telling any thing clear and straight.I want to keep up my reputation and don't want to disappoint my huge fans .So here we go

Some clues

Tiger woods
Formula one - williams team
next stop to karappakam
High performance .Delivered

Still have no idea .Hope this query will guide u

select company name ,designation from Nasscom where ename =" Arun Prasad"

Andersen Consulting , Software Engineer

Wondering where is this company ? Well many people know it in the name of Accenture

Mail ur feedback to

for news to have it in ur mobile type "News" and send it to 98844 04566

The next news bulletin will be with in sen night. carrying the title " The adventures of Arun @ Accenture begins"

Substitute my usual words for closing here

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