Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Arun's Classic Mail's - 2

Dated : Aug 09,2006
Mail Subject :A dream comes true
Occasion : When i got job at Scope International

Ladies and gentleman ,
I had it .
05.08.2006 .Wow ! What a day it was.It was one of those days I could hardly make a mistake.Apparently it was a pinnacle in my life time .Never been before I was excited like this .I just Couldn't find a word in lexicon [dictionary] to describe my feelings.I can clearly hear ur saying " Come on Arun stop ur all blahs blahs and hit the nail on the head.But I am notorious for not telling anything clear and straight .So i want to keep my reputation and don't want to disappoint my huge fans .Here we go ! .Being a mystery lover ,I want to sprinkle some flavor of suspense behind the joyous event in my life.

There are three ways to find the reason behind this mail

1} The most simplest and I prefer u to do is ,give a missed call to this no
98844 04566 [including isd]

2} visit my personal site

is there any occasion better than this to proclaim my site to dear ones?

3} Wait for the sequel to this mail [ Mystery unveiled]

To be continued ..........

Awaiting for your missed calls.

End of part one


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