Monday, September 14, 2009

Arun's Classic Mail's - 7

Dated : Dec 24,2008
Mail Subject :End of Accenture Connection
Occasion : When I Lost my job at Accenture

Yo Fellas,

Accenture - June 04,07 - Dec 24,08

Dec 25,08 - ?

My roller coaster life took another dip today. Thanks to the global crisis and other things .

Use any of these id's to reach out me - or

Still I am believing in this old adage , "Whatever happen in your
life is always for good" .This time around , apart from my skills and grit
,I need a miracle to lift me out of this predicament.

As I am going to enjoy this forceful, unexpected holiday , I wish you all
scintillating and layoff minus New Year.

Ur suggestions, ideas ,tips etc are welcomed most. I am thinking seriously of quitting this IT job for ever,
and look for other alternatives . Help me out if you have some useful ideas

Adios amigo


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