Friday, September 25, 2009

Arun's Classic Mail's - 8

Dated : May 15,2005
Mail Subject :At last my search engine finds it
Occasion : When I got by job at ycs

Arun Today
(Sharp mail for sharp people )

Hello and welcome to Arun Today.This is Arun Prasad.Let us take a look at important headlines at this hour .

Arun Strikes for the first time - Mission Chennai accomplished - The long wait is over - Around Bangalore and Chennai in 240 days comes to an end- The case of finding a job is solved - End of idle days.

Now news in detail.

05.05.05 was like any other day for most of u.But not for me .The first half of the day was filled with tension ,expectation ,fear but the latter half was full of emotion and excitement.
This was my most memorable day ever in my life so far ,b'coz I am so glad/happy/blissful/in orbit/delight/ecstasy/ "cock a hoop " / entrance / joy/ to apprise u that I have got a job at YCS [ Yellamanchili Consultancy service ] .

I can't find a better occasion to share some thoughts in my life .Mosquito coil - If u are regular watcher of a Tamil movie , u must have surmised it correctly that I am going for a flashback.

The year is 1998. Nonetheless of scoring decent marks at 12th exam [1037] ,an engineering degree "wasn't my cup
of tea"{hee hee i got a very poor mark at entrance}.I preferred an arts degree with an idea of doing MCA later.

But life in college is volte face to that at school.There was no proper guidance,no competition from fellow students and various distraction like sports ,lass further added to it .Apparently it resulted in degradation in my studies.Somehow I pulled the socks at last minute{semester} and got passed in first class[68%].But it wasn't
good enough and my poor cognizant in aptitude denied my entry into MCA course.I was transfixed .All my dreams were shattered.The later half of 2001 was the gloomiest period in my life.

As usual my brother came to the rescue like an "Light House".He proposed the idea of doing MCA via DLP.With no other option in hand , I half heartdely said yes.Now I have realized my dream which I dreamed some 7
Years back.Yet for another time the old adage has come true in my life .

" Everything happens in our life is always for good".
[ I hope my chinmayan pals will remember that based on this proverb was our first lesson {Old Thirumula} in
class 6 taken by Mrs.Vijayakumarai.]

Have a break and come back as u have miles to go ,before deleting this mail.

Welcome back.

Job search was really fun at the onset.But after the completion of 150 days, I began to see the effects of it .The month of January saw that my sanguine level registered its lowest level .
I clearly comprehend the meaning of stress ,depression , dejection etc.But I was very quick to fathom that " this is not going to do anything good for me" .Thank god ,the few drops of "never give up attitude" pulled me
out of this predicament.Day by day my confidence level raised like temperature in Chennai. I was back to my perky ways.But still I was far away from word normal. There is no doubt these forceful vacation days brought out lot of changes in me .

How I like to have these two beautiful words behind me .

J.Arun Prasad ., Software Engineer
It sound's so good isn't it ?

Even though my ultimate goal of entering into top MNC is still not reached , this job is the first step taken to reach there .This job has fetched me a good and bad news .

The good news is my wallet is gonna become bulky.The bad news is no more transaction from Dad ATM

I really wanted to dedicate this little achievement to the mighty God , my parents,. my Brother and Sister in law . There is no doubt , without their support I would have never made it

"Life is a great struggle and
one can't taste its ultimate sweetness
unless one has experienced its miseries"

How true the above words are!

People who are acquaintance with me are really flabbergasted by my recent faith in Deity(God).Well! all the kudos go to the subeditor of Vikkatan weekly magazine Mr.Madhan.By mere accident I read an article by him related to Kumbakonam holocaust .It was good enough to change my attitude.Arrigato to him.

It's getting prolong and syrupy so I conclude the news (mail).
Mail your feedback to

For news to have in your mobile type NEWS and send to 98406 54548.The next news will be within sen night carrying the title as "Arun's Digest" in the subject line .Lookout it is
much bigger than this .Brod cast is restricted to some region[Groups]

Adios from the happiest man in the universe - right now .

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