Saturday, September 26, 2009

Arun's Classic Mail's - 10

Dated : Dec 10 ,2004
Mail Subject :Exit Bangalore : Enter Chennai
Occasion : When i winded up my job search at Bangalore

Dear Buddies,
the city of Bangalore was not fortunate enough to have a versatile person.
now the chance goes to Tamilnadu capital.Since my "Mission Bangalore" was a fiasco, I have decided to alter my hunting ground.My next destination will be Chennai.

After a few weeks of rejuvenation at my home town, I will start my "operation Chennai".So Chennai guys lookout for the bizarre man.

The only regret in leaving Bangalore is I am missing out scrumptious food items.The food is so delicious i have gained wt in alarming state during these 90 days here .

Hutch willn't allow me to use their no after DEC 17 .So yet another simcard collection for me in the offing .
Soon u will have my Contact info in Chennai.

My quest continues...... but my mail ends here .

Time to bid good bye to Bangalore

Peace out .

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