Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chepauk & Triplicane

As i am on the verge of completing , 4 years at "Bachelors paradise", i decided to come up with a spl blog about this place and hence the birth of this blog.

When we say Chepauk ,Triplicane comes to one mind and likewise when one say Triplicane ,chepauk comes to mind.Geographically also they interlinked so much that one needs some stay here to understand this place.Right from
1960's this area is called bachelor's Paradise and rightly so . Any idea how many Mansion/Lodge/Rest House/
GuestHouse is here ? .Some 5000 plus .Let's take a look at some landmarks in this places

Parthasarathy Temple
Marina Beach,
The Big Mosque
Chepauk Cricket Ground
Chepauk palace
Madras University
Presidency College
Kalaivangar Arangam
TN government New Secretary Building
Chennai's tallest Apartment Building-Arihant Tower
ThiruVattisavar Temple

One of the main reason for being called is bachelor's paradise is the availability of food items at an unbelievable cost Also the ease of reaching Egmore and central railway stations,Marina Beach, Spencer plaza , Citi center ,satyam cinemas,Shanti cinemas,Albert theater,Devi complex,Anna theater,Pilot theater ,Melody
theater,Woodland complex,and for booze lovers you can find 24X7 shops make this place no wonder a heaven for young fellas.

Of late , owing to the modern trends, we can see lot of branded shops opening there branches here also,which is quite welcoming thing.Surprisingly still there is no decent park here and also no good super markets.

Here is the list of eat out's in our area that got the privilege of Mr.Arun Visting them.

No place in Chennai , you can find variety of people living like this .Lot of Hindus occupy the house near parthasarathy temple,Muslims around Mosque area.Apart from you can find lot of bengalis who stay here mostly for their eye surgery , Lot of young guys from North eastern part of india[Sikkihm, Assam,Megahalaya] to take
up their degrees, lot of mar wadis etc.

So it is really great to stay all these years here. I will be missing this place very much in my life.


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